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Puerto Plata

May 4, 2011

Good times in the sunshine…with a little bit of rain. The island has been a wealth of warm weather and good times thus far. Ringing in 30 in good fashion at the beach party and a trip to the local Coco Bongo for more dancing and just having a old fashion good time. Yesterday I ventured onto the banana boat and we managed to get tipped off twice but survived the adventure. Today and I’m headed back to the beach to relax and soak up the sun…. life if good island style.


Just under a week

April 24, 2011

With just under a week go to (four days to be exact) I welcomed the long Easter weekend. All of the sudden I have travel on the brain BIG TIME and want to jump the country! In true California girl fashion I did go bikini shopping (whilst it was hailing here in Montreal!) so I’m obviously looking forward to this island adventure! I’ve wound down my 20’s in high fashion and enjoyed some fun filled weekends… in fact maybe a bit too fun 😉 The sun is finally out and it isn’t freezing, roast is in the oven and I’m looking forward to a non-traditional gourmet Easter dinner…
I’ve been thinking about my top 3 songs over the last 3 decades (ouch that hurt a bit) and I’m still trying to settle on my list:
80’s – Madonna ‘Like a prayer’
90’s – Oasis, Green Day, Buck-0-nine, Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, and Blink I can not pick
2k’s – Black Eyed Peas ‘I gotta feeling’ (but I will admit poker face did cross my mind – don’t judge!) but then again what was out in 01?!
So I’m working on my fav of the 90’s still…there was just so much good music! Any recommendations are welcomed.
4 days until #30 5 days until 30…

Japan Update and Change

April 20, 2011

In light of the recent events in Japan and the deteriorating nuclear situation surrounding the damaged reactors, I’ve decided to postpone my trip there. Currently I expect to go in September however this will be dependent of how the situation there unfolds. Needless to say I am very disappointed but now is not the time. Even though the astounding people of Japan continue to impress and amaze me as they pull together in this difficult time, I do not want to place an unnecessary burden during this fragile recovery time.
In postponing Japan until the fall I decided to book a short trip instead to the sun. After more than seven months of cold temps (except that little trip south at Christmas), I have to get off this island (Montreal)! I am still going to be able to capture the 30@30 (and hopefully a few more if I’m fortunate enough!) with my trip down to the Dominican Republic

I had looked into several options but as my fellow Canadians (especially the Montrealers) airfare from here is steep and it was actually more expensive booking a hostel and a flight than an all-inclusive… and seeing as how I’m on my way to ‘adulthood’ turning 30 I thought I would go the fitting route with an all-inclusive.

– Anyone with cranes please finish as best you can and send your wishes… I’m still going to do a project with them and you can refer to the Crane tab for more information

No April Fools here only April snow

April 2, 2011

Well the first day of spring brought snow, and now the first day of April brings more snow… and that is no joke! Either is the fact that I just had a peek at the weather in the places I’ve lived and it looks like:
San Diego United States 23/ 74
Bremen Germany 11 / 52
Linkoping Sweden 3 / 37
Antwerp Belgium 14 / 56
Beijing China 3 / 37
Montreal Canda 2/36
… so I guess what I’m staying is that we have the worst weather even thought it is the middle of the night in most of the places listed. Anyway maybe someday spring or better yet summer will come. As you see I’ve lived a few places and enjoyed each one of them. Every place on the planet has a taste, smell, experience waiting.
San Diego: salt water, hikes with my Dad, thin mint girl scout cookies, bad wardrobe choices, amazing friends….growing up
Bremen: wurst, Beck’s, new language, going international, blue horn, kohlfahrt, schlampe, Mittagszeit, gluh wein…new chapter
Linkoping: wobbly boots, road trips, days that never end, BBQ’s, Nordkap, volunteering, Ikea, Max, cooking…growing
Antwerp: Laundry Day, de Koninck, Grote Witte Arend, Elephant walks, picnics on the terrace, fair…loss In this city yes it has a theme song!
Beijing: Great Wall, messy dinners, Ritan Park, cycle adventures, bouncing dance floors, leftover parties, KTV…adventurous
Montreal: Snow/ crazy cold/ hot, the Burg, BBQ, amazing cheese/salami, metro’s, pot’s park, poutine, marathon walks…understanding
A little peek into what stood out. Of course there is the obvious, culture, food, etc. but that would be boring!

Let the count down begin

March 27, 2011

The count down to 30 at 30 beings. With just over 4 weeks until my trip to Japan I’m on pins and needles try to understand the situation on the ground and make sure that I will indeed be safe. Ironically enough Japan was actually my second pick. My first pick was South Korea but with some instability over the last few months I thought Japan was a great, safe, stable pick. I am prepared for earthquakes having grown up in Southern California, but thankfully we’ve never had to deal with Tsunamis and or Nuclear Disaster. With the news stations sensationalizing stories, ensuring maximum fear it is difficult to get the real picture of the situation there.
Having said that I do understand that possible dangers of traveling in or around the region of Fukushima, as well as the negative impact as a traveler I could have to devastated area. Thus I will not be heading north on this trip as previously planned. Instead of heading up towards Sapporo I will focus my trip Tokyo and south – and if the situation declines my contingency plan is heading over to South Korea.
I do not want my friends and family to unduly worry about me and will make sure be smart and make safe decisions over the next few weeks, but for now I’m going with the plan that I will leave for Japan just shy of my 30th birthday.
The 30 at 30 is dedicate to celebrating my 30th birthday in the 30th country I’ve visited – pretty amazing if you ask me. In case your wondering 29 was Cuba (also at 29). Considering I’d only traveled to Mexico (not a huge feat when you live 25k away) prior to leaping off North America in 2005. In 6 short years I’ve discovered my favorite hobby, some amazing places, and had incredible experiences.
But of course the countdown would not be complete with out a few random facts and stories throwback style as my international life started 6 years ago but obviously I’ve been kicking around a bit longer.