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Japan Update and Change

April 20, 2011

In light of the recent events in Japan and the deteriorating nuclear situation surrounding the damaged reactors, I’ve decided to postpone my trip there. Currently I expect to go in September however this will be dependent of how the situation there unfolds. Needless to say I am very disappointed but now is not the time. Even though the astounding people of Japan continue to impress and amaze me as they pull together in this difficult time, I do not want to place an unnecessary burden during this fragile recovery time.
In postponing Japan until the fall I decided to book a short trip instead to the sun. After more than seven months of cold temps (except that little trip south at Christmas), I have to get off this island (Montreal)! I am still going to be able to capture the 30@30 (and hopefully a few more if I’m fortunate enough!) with my trip down to the Dominican Republic

I had looked into several options but as my fellow Canadians (especially the Montrealers) airfare from here is steep and it was actually more expensive booking a hostel and a flight than an all-inclusive… and seeing as how I’m on my way to ‘adulthood’ turning 30 I thought I would go the fitting route with an all-inclusive.

– Anyone with cranes please finish as best you can and send your wishes… I’m still going to do a project with them and you can refer to the Crane tab for more information

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