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No April Fools here only April snow

April 2, 2011

Well the first day of spring brought snow, and now the first day of April brings more snow… and that is no joke! Either is the fact that I just had a peek at the weather in the places I’ve lived and it looks like:
San Diego United States 23/ 74
Bremen Germany 11 / 52
Linkoping Sweden 3 / 37
Antwerp Belgium 14 / 56
Beijing China 3 / 37
Montreal Canda 2/36
… so I guess what I’m staying is that we have the worst weather even thought it is the middle of the night in most of the places listed. Anyway maybe someday spring or better yet summer will come. As you see I’ve lived a few places and enjoyed each one of them. Every place on the planet has a taste, smell, experience waiting.
San Diego: salt water, hikes with my Dad, thin mint girl scout cookies, bad wardrobe choices, amazing friends….growing up
Bremen: wurst, Beck’s, new language, going international, blue horn, kohlfahrt, schlampe, Mittagszeit, gluh wein…new chapter
Linkoping: wobbly boots, road trips, days that never end, BBQ’s, Nordkap, volunteering, Ikea, Max, cooking…growing
Antwerp: Laundry Day, de Koninck, Grote Witte Arend, Elephant walks, picnics on the terrace, fair…loss In this city yes it has a theme song!
Beijing: Great Wall, messy dinners, Ritan Park, cycle adventures, bouncing dance floors, leftover parties, KTV…adventurous
Montreal: Snow/ crazy cold/ hot, the Burg, BBQ, amazing cheese/salami, metro’s, pot’s park, poutine, marathon walks…understanding
A little peek into what stood out. Of course there is the obvious, culture, food, etc. but that would be boring!

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  1. Ruth Ivy permalink
    April 19, 2011 5:22 am

    Snow in April that hangs around, oh no! How about 92 and hot wind in AZ? I suppose the jackets and boots are in good order for you. Have fun!

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